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From L to R: Ada Masciarelli, Tricia Bartley and Michele Matthews 
Ada Masciarelli 2020.jpg

​ADA  (Writer/Director)


As a kid I loved drama and choir and took every chance I could get to be on stage or be part of the “scene” in some way.  As an adult, I work as an educator with Special Needs adults in work oriented programs and have been working with the Special Needs population for over 30 years.


I wrote and directed plays for an educational setting for 7 years, and from that we decided to form the I Can Dream Theatre in 2011 as a means of branching out to the community in hopes of raising more awareness, and helping to break down stereotypes.   As ICDT continues to grow, so do many of our goals to help enrich the lives of the Special Needs population through specialized programming, and giving them an opportunity to not only shine on stage but to do so in their everyday lives as well.  


As a member of the ICDT board, and combined with my continued role in the theatre aspect, I am proud to be a part of this innovative and remarkable group that is helping to open up doors for the Special Needs population and open up minds to the community at large.


TRICIA (Stage Manager - Set Design)


I love being an educator, whether it’s in the classroom or backstage, there is always a lesson given and I’m not always the teacher.


Creating a Set Design that works with the casts abilities and dresses the hard work and dedication that each of them has shown time after time is really a “rush” for me. It’s always new, its always challenging and in the end when it all comes together; it’s always magic.

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